Goodbye, ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’

It’s with much sorrow I must tell you all that the BBC has finally canned Never Mind the Buzzcocks after 18 years of entertainment.

My personal source of mirth was first broadcast back in 1996. Those of us who watched will have fond memories of the most memorable rounds, like the celeb lineup – kind of like Where’s Wally but the person used to be famous – and guess that song (I particularly liked the one that went waaaaaa bum bum bum bum gudda gucha… shhhhhhh).

Of course, historically it’s only really been the viewers who loved the show. Some of the celebrities didn’t quite see the funny side.

Motorhead’s Lemmy took his sweet time getting the jokes. He staged his walkout shortly after realising that they were about him. Oh dear.

Then we have Samuel Preston. Does anyone remember him? He was in that group. Don’t know their name. But he was apparently famous because he made it onto Celebrity Big Brother and married Chantelle Thingiemajig. Ringing any bells? Drop me a line and tell me.

Samuel had a little strop when extracts of Chantelle’s biography were read out. To be fair, I don’t blame him – he’s probably famous for marrying a woman who’s famous for not being a celebrity on a celebrity reality TV show, and that’s just a bit embarrassing.

Huey NeedsNoSurname – there is only one Huey – got a wee bit upset. Where did it all begin for him?

A fellow panelist correcting his muffed-up What’s Love Got to Do With It lyrics.

Following this, in a brilliant attempt to demonstrate sportsmanship on this highly serious quiz, he had a go about not knowing another lyric.

I don’t think the show was fully explained to him.

His breaking point was when he was asked for the next line in a song by… him and his group, Fun Lovin’ Criminals. He got his lyrics wrong. Which was obviously the show’s fault. The presenters were fair, though, and said:

“Noel’s team, you need five points to win but I’d maybe suggest not winning, otherwise Huey will get a bit cross.”

And the mug, I think, was way too heavy. It sort of smashed. The mug’s loss was too much for him to deal with – how would he drink his tea? – and he left.

Still, after… eight years of Simon Amstell putting the fear of god into possible new panel fodder, the Mark Lamarr years live on in memory as pretty bloody awesome.

As per the BBC, a spokesperson said: “After 28 series we’ve decided not to bring Never Mind the Buzzcocks back to the BBC.

“This will create space for new entertainment formats in the future.

“We’d like to thank the team at Talkback, Rhod Gilbert, all the brilliant hosts over the years and of course Noel and Phill for the years of enjoyment they’ve given BBC Two viewers.”

This is one show I’m going to miss – largely because it’s the only reason the BBC is ever on in my house – so I’ll leave you with some of my favourite bits.

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