Gobbledygook from the Grieving Daughter

Dear Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living,

I’ve told you a lot over the past few days, so there’s not really that much I can add but a celebration of you, I suppose.

Cancer took you from me. That’s an unforgivable act, as far as I’m concerned, for the world’s lost an incredible woman. More than that though, we lost our mother, dad lost his wife.

Don’t worry on that score, dad knows exactly how lucky he was, just as we do. (more…)

For Our Gorgeous Mum

I think I’d only been staring out the window a couple of minutes when Travis touched my shoulder and said, “Babe?” It was that moment I felt the tears running down my eyes again, tears which I’d desperately over the last week been trying to hide from mum. Of course, that was the moment mum had woken up. She saw me crying for once. (more…)

Cancer, the Heartbreaker

I called my mother this morning, not expecting her to answer. She did, though, so I was happy.

She was tired and had no idea what the time was. In fairness, she doesn’t have a clock to hand so any thoughts of her current mindset were quickly pushed to one side.

Mum’s not the full ticket at the moment, and who could blame her? (more…)

Another Day, Another Huh? Trump Scores a Brexit-Style Victory

So, some of the world woke up to find that Donald Trump is the new President-elect. Many of us didn’t see this happening, much like many of us didn’t see the whole Brexit thing (which at this point is looking more like a prelude to a riot when Parliament gets to vote again as to whether or not we skedaddle).

I showered and dressed, zombied my way into my parents’ bedroom, tip-toed over to my dad’s side of the bed and whispered into the ear of my snoring patriarch: “President Trump.” (more…)