And Now the Screaming Starts

In my desperate attempt to escape the Office, something remarkable happened: during a conversation with a recruiter, who literally screamed when she found out what my current salary is, she revealed she was trying to recruit someone to work with (drumroll please!) CHICKENS! (more…)

David Bowie: Songs on the Bowie Spectacular – Part 1

In case there was somebody who missed it, David Bowie died the classiest of deaths – he celebrated his birthday, released an album, and quietly left us – at least, left those of us who were already chewing on his lyrics – without a hint of his condition.

On his 69th birthday, David Bowie released his 27th studio album (or 25th if you choose to leave out Labyrinth – a silly mistake – and Tin Machine), Blackstar, which is without a doubt an album filled with poignant lyrics – for those who care to dig into them. (more…)

Ideas in a Flash (Gordon)

We were merry. All of us. Every single blessed soul had been on a high – even myself, the person who doesn’t really enjoy being in crowded spaces with people I don’t know.

As stated in my previous entry, however, the night wasn’t like that, and regardless of how many glasses of wine or bottles of beer we had devoured like oxygen – there was a lot going around – it was a natural high, this wave we were all seemingly surfing on. (more…)

Flash Gordon 35th Anniversary (Has It Really Been That Long?)

When a fan goes to the effort of arranging an event at BAFTA for Flash Gordon, it’s just rude not to attend.

Lisa Downs recently went to the trouble of arranging a fantastic night for fans of 1980’s Flash Gordon with fantastic results.

Lisa, a filmmaker, decided to arrange the night when she saw just how much Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson had to say to each other over dinner one night – a conversation she was privy to due to the work she has put into creating her documentary Life After Flash. (more…)

Vegetables and Other Tales

Today I’ve been digging in to a pretty awesome blog.

I’ve –  on and off – been doing this whole Forever Living thing. Have you heard of it? Perhaps not. Allow me to summarise the Cleanse 9:

  • Breakfast is three tablets, a couple of shots of chewy evil (aloe vera gel), and loads of water.
  • Snack is a sachet of fiber – dissolved in loads of water.
  • Lunch (for two days) is three tablets, a couple of shots of chewy evil, and loads of water.
  • Dinner (for two days) is two tablets, a couple of shots of chewy evil, and loads of water.